Structured and functionalized materials
Our key technology is Nano Imprint Lithography (NIL) invented in 1995 in the U.S, to reduce the size of microelectronic circuits. It is ranked among the revolutionary technologies by the MIT ("Ten Technologies That can change the world"), thanks to its generic and large variety of applications.

The invention is to replicate nanoscale designs over a wide range of materials in volume and at minor costs. Our challenge is to implement the two following options to offer tailor-made solutions : 

  • NIL with an etching step
  • and Nano Embossing Polymer (NEP)

The technology allows also double scale patterns such as macro-channels (100 µm wide) with nano-structured areas (100 nm in size)

Our skills cover the whole technology chain to meet your expectations : 

  • Design of patterns including simulation and modelling
  • Manufacture of stamps at micro and nanoscale 
  • Transfer patterns on a range of materials
  • Geometric and functional characterizations

Schematically, a polymer deposited on the surface of the material, is embossed with a nano-structured stamp. Then the pattern is transferred into the material using the deformed polymer as a disposable etching mask.
& applications
Channels 100 µm deep and 300 µm wide with nano patterns (factor 1000)
Calculation of nanoimprint efforts
by numerical simulation 
(NanoNem software) ==>