Decorative effects

SILSEF technology allows to sublimate the surface of many materials only by texturing them. These surface treatments are possible on  many different materials such as metal, leather, polymers, textiles… Our experience allows us to reproduce small patterns (100snm) on different surface and geometries, from small 1x1cm² to 1m²  on flat or hemispherical substrate.

Optical effects

Light can be surprising. By structuring surfaces with dedicated patterns, it is possible to create different optical effects. Controlling these patterns allows SILSEF to implement them on a large range of materials. The effect brought by these structures can be:

  • Diffraction, that will bring an iridescent effect
  • Diffusion, that will bring a milky effect, on transparent substrate it will make them more opaque
  • Reflection, which will make the materiel shinier

Anti counterfeiting

SILSEF can mark pieces to add anti counterfeiting features: unique personalized patterns with logos, computer generated holograms… that cannot be counterfeited!

Soft touch

Some micro or nano patterns grant the opportunity to modify the touch feeling from glassy ultra smooth to velvet.